So why a web site?

Certainly not for purely commercial reasons although I'm always happy if people choose to buy a book or two (see Books and Publishing page). Even then, any and all profits are donated back to local charities or good causes.
Several friends and contacts have suggested that I produce a website and, after serious consideration, I decided that I'd give it a go; although at age 75 I don't envisage this endeavor as a tool for personal gain.
The main reason is to create a sort of visual CV that serves as a record of some of my life's experiences in the hope that others may find it of interest or educational value. I'm not trying to compete with more professional efforts - just put some of my stuff out there as a sort of simple legacy.
The following pages  can be accessed as necessary. Everything is free but it would be nice to be recognized as the photographer or author.
For anyone who finds me --- welcome! 

I took this picture of the north side of Everest from the Tibetan pass where Mallory and Irvine first got their stupendous view of the Everest massif in the early 1920s.
Always learning

Giving back

Open to the opinions of others

Enjoying life with all its meanings

Understanding different cultures, faiths and belief systems (without judgement)

Seeking opportunities to serve

Being grateful




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