An island of surprises

The island of jersey is about 100 miles south of England but only 12 miles from France,Although essentially British now it enjoys a Norman-French heritage and boasts its own government structure.

All of the British Channel islands were occupied by Germany for five years until their liberation in May 1945.

Known in earlier times for fishing, the famous Jersey cow produces the best butter-fat content. Jersey wool was also used for fishermen's sweaters.
After the island became known for its early produce, being in the Gulf Stream with an excellent weather record, Jersey became a major tourist destination. More recently it has thrived because of off-shore banking.
Despite being crowded (100,000 cars on an island that is only about 9 miles by 5, it has areas of outstanding beauty, much of which is preserved for posterity.

This is the island where I was born and brought up.
Here are some pictures of this "Carmel of the UK."
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