Sayings and Quotes

Over the years I have come up with many sayings and quotes of my own which were inspired by personal events and observations of life, history and self improvement. What follows are some of them which I hope may be relevant to those who seek to understand and grow.
To see or not to see? It's not a question; i'ts a choice.

Synchronicity is neither accidental nor coincidence.

It is as much an art to receive as it is an inner yearning to give.

70% of something is a heck of a lot better than 100% of nothing.

Understand that just about everyone else knows more than we give them credit for. 
Hopefully, they will extend that same generosity to us.

Self defense is always an admission of guilt, however justified the perceived circumstances.

The so-called pursuit of happiness is a misnomer. You don't have to search for it as if it was a quest. Instead you only have to recognize it as already present within yourself. You "find" it by extending it and using it whenever you wish. The decision is easy; to use or reject. 

Win graciously, lose graciously.

If I have all day to do it, it will surely take all day before it is done.

A stitch in time saves a lot of unravelling.

Without the desire and commitment to serve others we deprive ourselves or realizing complete fulfilment.

As soon as we compare, we tend to lose objectivity.

If necessity is the mother of invention, then sickness is the father of acceptance.

We come of age only when we don't know what we don't know.

Whenever we are down, sick, apprehensive, angry, bitter, unforgiving, intolerant or unhappy we need all the strength (inner and outer) we can muster to help alleviate and heal the situation. Why waste it, focusing on negatives and attributes of fear when those of love can displace them all with but a single thought. 

If the world wants peace, we must learn how to close the gaps of separation -- as nations, religions, sects, communities and, most of all, as individuals within our own personal relationships. 

No faith, religion, tradition, culture, political party or individual has a monopoly on the truth.

Asking God to ratify any action or thought is liking asking a jury to find a certified  felon innocent.

Leadership; Here is my definiton;

Leadership is the ability, through personal example, drive and inspiration, to make others follow in such a way that they perform at a higher level, to help achieve your goal. It is also the art of outsmarting the competition and being able to articulate and communicate, by all means possible, the ideas you have as part of a firm and tangible goal. Lastly, it is a means of using position and power you have to encourage and uplift those under you by giving them the same degree of respect and recognition that you would like to receive from them and those above.

If you set yourself too high an expectation you will also be setting yourself up for bitter disappointment.

Far better is to lower the expectation to something more realistic and then exceed it. 65% of something is a heck of a lot better than 100% of nothing.

When a person, organization, group, board or political party plans a radical change it is nearly always better to set a time frame that is not immediate but, instead, phased over a period of time. For instance, if the proposed change is 60% in nature, spread it over three years. Attempting to do it in one fell swoop will invite disaster and risk of a backfire. 

When all is said and done, can you honestly say that the only two words you would like to be engraved on your gravestone (not that you would necessarily want one) are:
No regrets
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