Probably because my father was very active with the Jersey (UK) motor cycle and light car club I was brought up to appreciate cars and their performance in hill climbing, racing, speed trials, rallying and just plain driving. In those days tuning was done by ear and we all knew how to maintain our vehicles.
Some of the cars I got to ride in (and drive) as a kid and young man included a 1936 Armstrong Siddely, Austin 16, MG Magnette, Sunbeam Talbot Mk 2 convertible, Porsche 911, MG TD, Jowett Javelin. Ford Zodiac and Riley Pathfinder.
My first real "ton" was achieved in an Aston Martin DB 2-4 on the Hogs Back road near Guildford in Surrey. It belonged to a friend of my dad with whom I was staying the weekend when I was 18, working and studying in London.
My own very first car was a 1928 Austin sedan with a glass division between the driver and passenger area. It had tasseled roller shades and was big enough to party in.
I don't have pictures of all the cars I have owned, like a Riley Elf, 1948 Jag sedan and Kharman Ghia, but, following, is a good selection.
And yes -- I still have a passion for certain types of cars!

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