Kelvin has made presentations at many locations in the US and Great Britain. Several have been centered around his various expeditions but others have been given for the Osher Life Long Learning Institute and as fundraisers for charitable organizations. He has numerous power point presentations and lectures on a wide variety of subjects including:

Contrasts between pre-monsoon and post-monsoon Himalayan expeditions.  

The British 1971 Trans Americas Expedition (AKA The Darien Gap).

Annapurna South Face expedition.

Everest Southwest Face expedition.

Overland journey from England to Calcutta via Europe, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal.

Nepal and its culture.

The Great Game; Story about the competition between Great Britain and Russia for dominance of India.

The German Occupation of the British Channel Islands.

History and culture of the island of Jersey.

The British Brigade of Gurkhas.

Hiking southwest Colorado. 

The real Lawrence of Arabia and his role in the formation of the present Middle East.

World religions - history and development (Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam). 

Human endeavor and Arctic Exploration.
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