Fundraising has been a part of my life.
Perhaps it is because of the opportunities I have been given that I feel compelled to give whatever means possible,
 I have always benefited by giving to my community and those in need. Sometimes this has been achieved by actual monetary contributions but also by offering the various talents that I have been given to help and advise various organizations and individuals and lead efforts to raise funds for worthwhile endeavors.
In the book I wrote on the subject (See page on Books and Publications) I came to the conclusion that a simple formula could be applied and, if executed enthusiastically and with the right motivation and drive, would ensure a successful outcome.


1. Establish the  cause.

2, Reconcile the need or cause (justify its importance, timing and ability to involve more than a simple special interest).

3. Recruit a proven fundraising leader or step up yourself (we only gain experience by doing it).

4. Set example by giving first. You cannot ask others for money if you can't look them in the eye, knowing that you have already given. The amount is not so important as the gesture. 

5. Ask

6. Receive

7. Thank everybody , using every means possible and do it many times. 

To give does not mean that we have less. The opposite is true. Sharing, like love, is an extension of our good selves. We always feel good about it and it is always reciprocated in some form.

My E book on the subject is called: Fundraising for the Small Community. See page on Books and Publishing.
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