Long since fully retired, my work experience has taken me from summer school jobs to corporate training in London to that of 16 years service in the British Army, small business owner in Colorado and board member or president of numerous not-for-profit or community organizations.

In London I learned much about architecture, design, furniture and retail in a large company that also sent me to college to gain diplomas and qualifications for a career in the UK.

In the Army  (drafted with no choice of opting out) I was fortunate enough to be considered for a commission in the British Signal Corps and went on, as an officer, to serve in many different capacities in UK, Germany and Asia. Assignments included those of signal officer with tank brigades in NATO countries, ADC to the senior general commanding the British Strategic (ready to deploy anywhere) organization, six years with the British special force unit known as the Brigade of Gurkhas in Malaysia, Nepal and Hong Kong, company commander at Britain's Royal Military Academy and commanding officer of a Brigade HQ and Signal Squadron back in England.

In the US I joined a very small three-person business specializing in commercial and home interiors. For the next 25 years I grew this business to employ 26 people and operate in a 100 mile radius of action from Montrose Colorado.

During this time, and for some time afterwards I owned and managed several rental properties and started another small company called Kenterprises  which handled book distribution, talks and small business consultancy work.

I have always, and still do, spend time on charitable work, especially in the fields of fundraising, performing arts and capital campaigns. These have include Hospice, churches, education, A native American museum, local Foundations, civic center and many others.

Despite being "retired" this does not mean that I have given up work. Far from it! The objective now is to help others, keep active and stimulated and be of service as and when I can.

The following picture was taken recently near Ouray, Colorado, where I and my wife Becky still continue to enjoy hiking.
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